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We pride ourselves on the quality of our advice, based on the simple premise that we will treat your money as if it were our own. But advice is only effective if implemented. PeakAlpha prides itself on its use of robust processes, supported by cutting edge technology and capable people, to ensure that your plans are executed very well.

We have several innovations in this area to ensure that the entire process of investing, from start to finish, is well controlled and managed. Some of the highlights are
  • Document imaging – the documentation associated with every single transaction that we carry out is scanned and archived before it leaves our office. These images can be retrieved when required to help in resolving issues associated with the transaction. We have been able to work with our partners several times to rectify errors to the satisfaction of our customers because of this practice
  • Email alerting – whenever a transaction is successfully completed and reconciled, an e-mail is automatically sent out to our customers intimating them about the details of their transactions. These details are comprehensive and include the price at which a transaction was executed as well as the number of units affected. Further, alerts are sent out whenever SIPs are ending, so that they can be renewed in a timely manner.
  • PeakFolio – our online portal with details of all mutual fund transactions executed through PeakAlpha is made available to all of our customers. Through the portal, customers can view the current valuation and other details of their holdings as well as details of all transactions they have undertaken with us. These include dividend notifications so that customers can track proper receipt of dividends. PeakFolio is updated every day to ensure that the transaction details are current.
  • Online transactions – Customers can transact online from our web site based on a limited power of attorney they execute in our favour. We will soon be integrating a payment gateway to this capability so that customers can directly transfer money to the fund house for their purchases from our web site.
  • Dispatch of statements – PeakAlpha can, upon request, arrange for fund statements to be sent to customers. While we can send an email statement ourselves, if a physical statement is required, we will coordinate with the fund house and arrange to have the statement sent out to the customer. This is particularly important when tax qualifying investments have been made so that proofs can be furnished well in time.
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