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PeakAlpha is a complete personal finance solutions provider. We provide other miscellaneous services so that you have a single point of contact for all your financial requirements.

Tax Filing and Refunds
It is the statutory obligation of every person to furnish a return of his total income under the income tax act. Tax filing is often an arduous task which involves calculating your taxes, getting the right documents together and submitting it to the tax department. We undertake tax filing for our customers for a fee depending on your income level and the complexity of the whole process.

Income Slab

Fee (Rs)

Discount for FP Customers (Rs)

1 lakhs – 5 lakhs



5 lakhs – 10 lakhs



10 lakhs and above



If you have other income sources other than salary income, then the fee will be decided on the basis of the complexity of the case. We will also assist you in getting your tax refunds. This is separately charged and is not a part of the tax filing process.

PAN Card application
The Income Tax Department has made it mandatory?to quote your PAN card number when you file income tax returns as well as for any correspondence with any income tax authority in the country. Also, it is now compulsory to produce your PAN card details for any financial transactions. We can assist you in obtaining a PAN card for which we require the following items.
  1. Pan card application form 49A (You can get this from our office or we can mail it to you)
  2. Address proof, Identity proof, one passport size photograph
  3. Fee of Rs. 200.

NRI account opening
We can help you in opening an NRI account. The documents required are
  1. NRE account application
  2. 1 passport size photograph
  3. Self attested overseas address proof
  4. Self attested Indian address proof
  5. Self attested?Identity proof
  6. Self attested Pan Card copy
  7. Cheque for Rs. 1000 (or equivalent amount in US dollars)

KYC processing
KYC is an acronym used for ‘Know your customer’. From February 1st, 2008 it is mandatory for anyone investing Rs. 50,000 and above to attach a KYC acknowledgement slip. We offer to assist you in getting a KYC document. The documents required are
  1. KYC application form,
  2. PAN card copy along with originals (Originals not required if attested by Notary)
  3. Address proof copy along with originals (Originals not required if attested by Notary)
  4. 1 passport size photograph
  5. Cheque for Rs. 200

It will take 2 to 3 working days to receive the KYC acknowledgement.

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