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It often helps to explain who we are by stating who we are not. We do not set personal or organizational goals that are not aligned with what we would like for our customers. We do not wish to create wealth for ourselves at the expense of our customers. Specifically,

  • We do not think our relationships with our customers are short-term and to be milked for what it is worth while it lasts. We are here for the long-haul, and we wish to retain our customers for life, and if possible for generations.

  • We will not churn your portfolios or recommend products to you that we don't feel are optimal just to make a bit extra in commissions.

  • We will not be dictated to by our suppliers or driven by targets imposed by them. Their job is to create good high performing products. If they succeed, they will find we are recommending them to our customers. If their products are not faring well, and we believe they will not serve the needs of our customers, we will not recommend them. It is that simple. We are advocates of our customers, not our suppliers.

  • We do not believe in managing and motivating our advisors purely on revenue targets, nor do we believe that our advisors are lone rangers, out there on their own to do the best they can. We will hire, train and motivate our advisors to ensure a relentless focus on understanding and helping to achieve your financial goals.

  • We do not believe in pushing the limits of what is permissible by law or regulation. We respect both the letter and the spirit of legislation. We believe that traditional, old-fashioned, good values and ethics are good business strategies too.
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