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PeakAlpha is an institution built on strong pillars that are its employees. The first thing that will strike you at PeakAlpha is the family atmosphere. Having said that, we are very choosy when it comes to adding a new member to our family. We look for the right fit in terms of knowledge, attitude, tenacity and most of all, integrity. We encourage our employees to learn from their mistakes because we understand that is the only way you will grow. Every person is looked upon as an entrepreneur, a business unit by themselves. Just as we customize our advice for our external customers, we take pains to ensure that we identify an individual’s true potential and kindle that talent so they perform at their best. We treasure people with broad shoulders who can handle responsibility and deliver within the given timeline.

Working at PeakAlpha is all about combining work with play. We celebrate successes, and enjoy each others’ company through the various fun activities organized at the office. These activities are not only fun, but is also a great bonding experience for its participants.

What employees of PeakAlpha have to say?

Nikhath Ilyas - Manager Operations: "I have been with PeakAlpha since the inception of the company and I am proud to be a part of this organisation. It has been a privilege to work here. Apart from being a very ethical company it has a great environment in which employees have the freedom of thought and expression which has helped me a lot to come so far in my career. PeakAlpha has become a part of my life and I hope to be here for many more years and see it grow and prosper."

Majid Khan-Senior Relationship Manager: “I have been with PeakAlpha for two and half years. I have been recognised for the efforts I have put in, and been acknowledged accordingly. I am really proud to say that I climbed the ladder from the post of Relationship Executive to Senior Relationship Manager in the span of my tenure here. PeakAlpha is an ethical place where values and ethics are rated more than profits. I am really happy and grateful for being a part of this institution of ethics, knowledge, values and homely atmosphere called PeakAlpha.”

Alexander Varghese Kolath-Senior Manager, IT and Financial Planning - : “I have been with PeakAlpha for the past two years and I must say, more than anything, I have learnt a lot. The main advantage of working at PeakAlpha is the exposure you get. From going on secondment to Chennai to set up a new branch, giving corporate presentations, to handling projects, (a responsibility which is usually given after a long stint in other organizations) I have learned a lot.”

Lakshmi Devi-Senior manager, Finance and HR: “PeakAlpha is not just a workplace, it is more like home. Working for name's sake and enjoying your work are two different things, and I am happy to say that I belong to the latter. They respect individual opinions and if feasible, try to incorporate it. One of the main advantages is the transparency of the whole system and accessibility to the management. I cherish being a part of PeakAlpha.”
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