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If you invest Rs. 100 in a bank at 10% return for a year, you get back Rs. 110. If you reinvest this for another year, you get back Rs. 121, not Rs. 120. How? Interest on Interest. That is compounding at work. Not much to get excited about? In one or two years, probably not. But try this for twenty or thirty years, and you will fall off your chair. The power of compounding is what Albert Einstein is said to have called the eighth wonder of the world.

By starting early and investing regularly, you can realize your full wealth potential. We will show you what your wealth can be and what you need to do to make it happen. PeakAlpha stresses on a disciplined and regular investment behavior over many years as the way to create wealth for the long term. Such behavior accompanied by proper asset allocation in line with your age, risk appetite and current financial situation ensure sound long term wealth creation.

You work hard to generate money. We work hard to make your money grow. Together, we will be a formidable wealth creation partnership. Let us go ahead and make money make money.
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