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Across the many portfolios we have seen to date, one theme is very persistent. For most of us, our home is the single most valuable asset we own. Add to that the emotional and sentimental value of the word “home”, and it is easy to see why our home is so precious to us.

We need to protect our most valuable asset. Of course, we maintain it well, give it the biannual coat of paint, do regular pest control, and look after it.

But the biggest risk to your home is an unprotected home loan. If you have a home loan, the bank has the first right of ownership on your home. You come next. Of course, as long as you pay your EMIs regularly, there is no risk. But what if some tragedy happens as a result of which you are unable to pay anymore? Then the fine print kicks in, and the bank can repossess your house.

This is where mortgage protection insurance comes in. Here, in the event any such tragedy was to befall, then the outstanding loan amount is paid and the home remains yours. Let PeakAlpha work with you to put a suitable cover in place.
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