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Parenting is one of those wonderful “on the job training” experiences in life. You do the best you can, making up the rules as you go along, drawing inspiration from other successful parents, including your own.

You negotiate. You strike deals.

But there are a few givens. You HAVE TO provide for your children’s food, clothing and shelter. You HAVE TO provide for a good education. You HAVE TO get your children married (unless they take care of it themselves.) These are pretty much non-negotiable. After that, they are adults, you can let go.

The food, clothing and shelter part you usually have got covered. Normal schooling as well.

But what about higher education? In India, that could easily set you back a few lakhs each year. Much more if you want to send your child abroad. Yes, if you continue on your fantastic career path, no problem, you can fund this. But what if your income stream comes to a sudden halt? Is higher education optional then? Usually not.

Thankfully, there are some specialized insurance plans that help ensure that higher education is taken care of. Under all circumstances. PeakAlpha can help with putting this together for you.
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