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The opening up of our economy in 1991 has transformed India in many areas, including in how we manage our money.

The good news is that erstwhile monopolies such as UTI and LIC have been replaced by a vibrant and competitive market economy. As a result, the consumer benefits from a wide range of choices, which offer rich features at low prices. Further, equities and related products offer a much higher long term yield compared to traditional products, thus improving potential for wealth creation.

The bad news, though, is that because India is now an integral part of the world economy, we rise and fall with the rest of the world to a much greater extent. As the protective walls we built around us are torn down, we are exposed to more dramatic business cycles leading to job uncertainty and stressful work environments. Within personal finance, the explosion in products and services providers can make it difficult to choose the right product for your needs. Finally, given the pressures of your work and the need to strike a sensible work-life balance, it becomes very difficult to make time for personal finance.

What you need is a guide to help you navigate safely to your destination. A guide who will help you understand -
  • The trade-off between risk management and wealth creation,
  • The fine print accompanying every significant investment,
  • The market gyrations and their impact on your plans and portfolio,?
  • The risks involved in achieving your objectives and effective ways of handling them.

Let PeakAlpha help you make sense of it all, as we have helped hundreds of customers. We are delighted to introduce you to PEAKPLANNER, our financial planning service. PEAKPLANNER helps you to take control and learn to

  1. Identify your financial goals,
  2. Plan for those goals,
  3. Execute the plans and
  4. Monitor your progress.

PEAKPLANNER combines knowledge, ethics and technology to provide you with THE EDGE. Our financial planners are experts not only in the principles and practice of financial planning, but also in the products available in the market at any point. As an organization we are committed to treating your money as if it were our own, thereby placing sound ethical behavior at the heart of our company. Our state-of-the-art online application provides a wonderful platform to enable you to take control of your money, using a very visual interface and a strong decision framework.

As a result, you will feel in control of your financial future. You will develop a clear understanding of your goals and objectives, including their timing and impact. You will be able to plan for the associated expenses as well as any risks associated with achieving those goals. You will feel confident that in executing those plans you have taken advantage of the best products available in the market. Finally, through regular monitoring of progress, you will have the peace of mind that your objectives will be met with a high level of certainty.

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