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With over 3000 people having attended our popular “Money Talks” workshops on personal finance, these sessions have established themselves as the best way to learn the most about money in the least time. Participants have frequently acclaimed our sessions as comprehensive, objective and enjoyable.
The need for Money Talks arose from the realization that although money is one of the more important things in life, our educational system does not prepare us well for managing our money in the right way. Smart and successful people from all walks of life are often ignorant about how to go about achieving the various financial goals in our lives.

Money Talks has a powerful agenda that sweeps across long term planning, investment tactics, risk management, tax planning, loans, and various financial product types. The presenters combine powerful communication and interaction skills with a depth of knowledge in personal finance.

PeakAlpha has conducted Money Talks at a range of different venues including corporate inductions, large apartment complexes, and at social groupings. But the vast majority of our sessions have been conducted at company employee benefits programmes. Socially responsible and employee friendly companies often find great value in educating their employees not only on how to make money but how to get it to work for you. We are very proud of the quality, size and distinction of our sponsor organizations that are spread across a wide range of industries.

If you would like to more about how Money Talks can help your employees become more financially savvy, please click here.
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