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PeakFolio gives you a single point view of all your investments with us. You can login to a secure area on our website to access the current status of your holdings, and to review details of all transactions done with us.

The PeakFolio facility was provided to ensure that you always have complete and transparent access to the status of your investment portfolio. It goes one step further by making advice on your portfolio available to you right on the website

Key features which make PeakFolio of particular use to you are:

  1. You have secure, protected access to the status of your portfolio.
  2. We update fund NAV’s every day, so that you can gauge the impact of recent market movements on the current value of your holdings.
  3. You can see the dividend income earned on a fund and compare it with other income earning funds you have invested in. You can see the total return on your portfolio and compare it with the amount invested.
  4. You can review the details of each and every transaction done in a scheme.
  5. You can even download a scanned copy of the application form for your records.

Most advisors are quick with advice on when to enter a fund, but not so prompt with guidance on when to exit. In PeakAlpha, you do not need to wait for a consultation before you get advice on your portfolio. Peakfilter, our proprietary tool for ranking mutual funds, publishes ranks for about 700 funds every month. These are mapped to your portfolio. PeakFolio’s traffic light indicator tells you how well your fund investments are doing on our PeakFilter mutual fund ranker. We encourage you to contact us if you see a ‘red-light’ against your fund, since that indicates that you should definitely stop investing in that fund, and probably start to shift investments out. A yellow light is literally ‘watch and wait’. A green light fund is one in which you should continue investing.

Write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have not yet received your PeakFolio user id and password.

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